Friday, March 30, 2018

San Diego Photo Diary

I have officially fallen in love with San Diego.
Few towns have captured my heart as effortlessly and naturally as SD. And as a California native, its been a spot I've been visiting for years. Dating back to when I had braces and rocked sparkly bows in my hair all the way to when Austin and I decided to do a spontaneous, celebratory trip down there after graduating from UCLA, I could always count on a San Diego trip for a good time. Yet there's something about the past few times that I have visited that has truly made it feel like a magical destination. The perfect weather. The ocean. The Mexican food. The coffee. Its amazing ability to be both laidback and full of life at the same time. San Diego offers pretty much everything, and I for one am a huge fan.

In the past month alone, I've already visited San Diego twice - once for business (well.....sort of) and the other purely for fun. And lo' and behold, I'm actually going to be heading down again in the next week for another business trip! The first trip was for an annual team retreat with my job at Travel Fashion Girl. And I say "sort of" business because we spent the entire time getting pampered at a spa (at the Rancho San Bernardo Inn, to be specific. It was AMAZING. I got the 1 hour holistic massage and literally left feeling like a different person) and eating delicious food. The second trip was with Austin and we once again spent the entire checking out cute coffee shops, drinking the finest craft beer, soaking up the sun (much needed seeing as we haven't been getting much of it in the Pacific Northwest) and eating as many burritos as we possibly could.

I could go on and on about how fabulous of a place it is and all of the fun I had down there, but I figured another photo diary would be more appropriate. After all, its beauty pretty much speaks for itself. Thanks for being amazing as always, SD. 

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