Thursday, September 21, 2017

Playlist 9/21

Last September, I put up a playlist on here titled September Sounds that featured a few songs I was really liking at the moment (many of which I still do to this day!) To continue this theme, I went ahead and created a Part II of that same list. It seemed like a fitting thing to do since I love this time of year and love finding good music -new and old- to go along with it.

Happy fall & happy listening!

Manila Ice - Eyedress
Hoops - Gemini
White Mustang - Lana Del Rey
I'm On Fire - Chromatics (The Du Tonc version is also amazing)
Heaven - New Navy
Play - iamamiwhoami
Sun's Out - Hoops
Hours - Tycho 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Last of Summer

Dress: Reformation (Similar + more dupes below) | Bag: Michael Kors

Summer may gradually be coming to an end but the weather doesn't seem to have taken note. The recent heatwave that's consumed most of the west coast has made it possible to continue wearing all of the pretty sundresses that once dominated summer in its prime. Since I for one am a massive mini dress enthusiast, I was very much ok with this (although not so much with the sweltering 100+ degree days....)

Reformation will forever be my favorite clothing brand (I've lost count of how many times I've mentioned that on here) and their floral sundresses are my staple go-to. This pretty ruffled number from them became an instant favorite of mine over the summer and could easily be transitioned into a fall piece as well. While I wore it in its breezy simplicity for this look, I could also pair it with a cream knit cardigan or denim jacket for when a breeze kicks in. Swap out the nude heels for some ankle boots, throw on some tights, wrap around an infinity scarf and you've got yourself a cozy getup in an instant. 

Now why, you may ask, am I harping on so much about making this wearable in cooler climates? Because I have a few exciting life updates to announce, the first being that I moved to Portland! Austin is going to pharmacy school here so we (him, myself and Lola) have left our coastal California nest to start a new chapter up in the Pacific Northwest. The program that he's a part of is only three years long, so the plan for now is just to stay up here until that ends. After that, we'll be heading back down to California and most likely ending up back in sunny LA for a bit. 

I'm not going to lie, I miss Los Angeles a lot. I only lived there for a few years and that was hardly enough time for me to really get my full experience of the city. There's just something about the area - whether it be the gorgeous sights, the liveliness, the food or the shopping - that really made me fall in love with the area and feel a connection to it all. It certainly wasn't the easiest thing saying goodbye, but I'll definitely be back down within these next few years to at least visit (I can't possibly go without my beloved Daikokuya spicy miso ramen for that long!) 

At the same time though, I'm really excited to be up in Portland! I had only visited the area twice before moving but that was enough to open my eyes to the city and get myself excited to start a new chapter up here. I love the Pearl District and was actually able to get a job at a stylish boutique in the area, so so far things have been working out quite nicely! I also adore the beautiful natural scenery, the impressive craft beer and coffee scene, the unique modern/ vintage culture, the music, the shows (SO many concerts I already want to go to up here!!) and the fact that it's a big city with new things to discover around every corner.

I'm also ridiculously excited for fall to arrive here. I can't wait to see all of the pretty orange leaves, drink all of the cinnamon almond lattes (sorry, never got into the pumpkin spice hype) and finally start showing some cute ~fall fashion~ looks on here. As a Californian, I think we're a bit disillusioned as to what a true change in season actually is because we hardly ever experience seasons in general. I know it's different up here, so I'm excited to finally go through that transition for once. Although winter is a completely different story.....

I'm excited to take you guys along my journey as I settle into this new area. Get ready for a lot more knit sweaters, rain boots, jackets, tights and pretty shots of nature. I'd say coffee too, but let's face it, that's always a given no matter where I am in the world ;)

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