Monday, February 27, 2017

Monthly Favorites

I'm always on the lookout for new products to try out, so I figured it would be fun to share with you guys my selections and start doing Monthly Favorites posts on there! This will be a curated selection of whatever products I'm currently loving. It'll all be very eclectic and range from beauty to home decor to fashion and so on. The month of February in particular has been full of fabulous finds so I'm excited to share them with you all below.
This is hands down my signature fragrance for 2017. I got it for Christmas and "obsessed" would be an understatement. Whether it's the stunning packaging, the beautiful blush pink color of the perfume or its sweet rosy smell, this perfume is absolute perfection and basically everything I want in a fragrance. And it literally couldn't have been a better fit for me, seeing as a) blush pink is one of my favorites colors, b) rose is one of my favorite scents and c) Elie Saab is one of my favorite designers. My dream is to get married in one of his gowns and while I'm aware that that's not very realistic (if you thought the perfume was expensive......) a girl can certainly dream. I ended up getting the largest size offered and am very glad that I did so because I know it'll last me a while. It's also an eau de toilette formula, meaning it's lighter and may have to be applied more often to maintain the scent. Nevertheless, I am in love with this perfume and how glamorous I feel with every rose colored spritz. Well done yet again, Mr. Saab.

2. Olay Ultra Moisture Quench Body Lotion
I got this for Christmas as part of a giant Olay beauty pack and absolutely love both the scent and formula. This lotion gives my hands just the right amount of moisture without feeling too thick or greasy and it also leaves behind a lovely floral scent. My hands and skin in general tend to get horrifically dry during the winter season so body lotion has been crucial for me lately. Although not pictured,  I also love Olay's Shea Body Butter wash. It releases a refreshing burst of floral-y goodness upon application and basically makes your shower smell amazing. The formula is smooth and buttery, it lathers up nicely and leaves you feeling like you just left a spa treatment.

3. Sugar Paper 2017 Planner 
Although I'm no longer in school, I've found it's still important to have a planner that helps you keep track of what you want to get accomplished each day. I used to associate planners with just writing down what schoolwork needed to get done but now I understand that they're just as useful for everyday life as well. They can also be helpful with blogging and maintaining an organized schedule for what posts you want to get done and when. I adore the ones from Sugar Paper at Target as they're always very chic, sleek and well designed. They're just as cute as they are functional, and I love how mine can easily mimic the appearance of a cute coffee table-style book.

I impulsively bought this at Ulta while I was up in Santa Cruz over Christmas break and am now quite pleased that I did. At only $7, this is a super convenient item to carry around in your purse at all times. Whether you're working out, going to work, or getting lunch, it's perfect for freshening yourself up when need be. While it's technically a facial spray, I personally love spraying it on the neck and decolletage area. It leaves behind a really nice but faint rose scent and the spray itself leaves a refreshing feeling on the skin.

5. Artificial Plants
I love having fresh flowers & plants in my apartment when I can but the unfortunate reality of this is that they also eventually die. Which is always a bit of a bummer. Therefore I'm all for getting artificial ones every now and then, which I have recently been doing at both Target and IKEA. This artificial copper potted plant from Target is ultra chic and requires zero maintenance - simply put it wherever you think it looks best and you're done! IKEA also has an amazing selection of artificial flowers, meaning I can have a pretty vase full of them on my dining table at all times.

6. Clay Art Soup Mug
My morning is never complete without enjoying some coffee with almond milk or Japanese green tea. With that said, it was only fitting that I buy an absurdly large mug to put all my favorite warm beverages in. On top of the conveniently generous size, it's also decorated with the cutest floral vintage print.

7. Martha Stewart Fleece Lined Sheets
My mom was actually the one to first discover these amazing sheets. She originally bought a pair for herself and after experiencing the blissful comfort and warmth that they provided, she very kindly got me my own set as well. Fleece is an incredibly cozy fabric and to have bed sheets made out of them has made getting out of bed early every morning so hard! I just want to nest in them all day. These sheets provide you lots of cozy warmth without being too thick or stuffy. They're lightweight easily transportable, amazing quality and hands down one of my bedroom must haves.

8. An assortment of throw pillows 
Small apartment, unnecessarily large collection of pillows: that would best describe my current living situation. I absolutely love throw pillows and have wayyy more than necessary piled on top of my couch. But what can I say, they're cute! They're probably one of the easiest way to spruce up your living space, with many coming in cute patterns, fabrics and embroidery. My personal favorites in my current collection are my rose gold sequined mini pillow, my white faux fur pillow and my beaded snowflake pillow.

I hope you guys liked these monthly favorites and may even consider trying some out for yourself! Feel free to shop the post below for both exact items and similar finds. Stay tuned for what will make the cut in March!

Friday, February 17, 2017

All In The Embroidery

Sweater: SheIn | Dress: Forever 21 (Similar) | Sunglasses: ASOS (Similar) | Shoes: Target (Similar)

Years and years ago, I was flipping through a British Vogue in the back of a rental car in England when I came across a style tip that I'm still obsessed with to this day. It went a little something like this: if you want to make a silky skirt or dress look casual, simply throw on a cozy pullover. It was so effortless and so genius and I remember it resonating strongly with my inquisitive 14 year old self, who had only just started getting into fashion a few years prior and was constantly awe-struck with the beautiful fashion spreads I had began exposing myself to. Yet while I loved the style advice that british Vogue had to offer, I don't think I ever actually tried out the combination for myself until doing the shoot you see here. You know a tip is a classic however when 8 years later, it still manages to work. And I for one am an avid lover of cozy pullovers and satin pieces, so this is going to be a lifelong lesson for me - right up there with never pairing sneakers with dresses (I'm sorry, I just can't) and never underestimating the power of lipstick.

The pullovers and silky dress combo is also a great way to give your look a hint of athleisure. The sweater adds a sporty touch to your ensemble while the dress, heels and cat eye glasses keeps things glitzy & fabulous. As for the embroidery, I seriously never thought I would get into the trend but I seem to have succumbed to the bandwagon. I wasn't a fan of it at first but as time went on and I kept seeing ultra cute bags, jeans and sweater rocking the style on virtually every social media feed to exist, my opinion on it gradually began to change. Then when I saw this sweater on Shein's site with this gorgeous floral embroidery, I just knew I had to give it a chance. I'm definitely glad I did, seeing as it finally helped me bring to life that lovely style tip I read so many years ago.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Blush & Denim

Top: SheIn | Skirt: PacSun (Similar) | Bag: Coach (Similar)

Shoutout to my one of my all time-favorite color combos: blush and denim. This easy, breezy blouse is perfect for the warm months coming up as well as any music festivals you may find yourself going to (if that's the case, I'm v jealous.) The bell sleeves on this top are my absolute favorite part of this piece. They're huge and flowy and lacey and just overall boho perfection. As for the skirt, light wash denim tends to pair well with pastel shades so it was only fitting that I throw on my favorite lace-up denim piece from PacSun. 

I hope everybody had a lovely Valentine's Day! Mine consisted of homemade paella, a Frank Sinatra Spotify playlist, candles, cookies and cuddles with Austin & Lola in our cozy little apartment. Couldn't have asked for anything better. :)

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Blush Suede + Faux Fur

 Dress: SheIn | Coat: Target (Similar)

Two of my favorite winter fabrics as of lately have been suede and faux fur. Now the dress featured here is actually faux suede but it still has a remarkably soft and luxe feel to it. The description on the site also says "velvet" but I definitely got more of a faux suede vibe to it. Regardless, it's super cute and I'm in love with its stunning blush shade . It goes perfectly with the cream faux fur coat, coming together to make a look that's modern with just a bit of '70s flare to it. Cream, black and pink have always been one of my favorite color palettes to rock so it came together rather seamlessly for this look. When you're wearing a garment as big and bold as this coat, however, make sure to keep the rest of your look both fitted and on the simpler side. It's all about maintaining the right balance and ensuring that oversized items don't actually give off a bulky look. If you like the look of this dress, make sure to order a size up as it does run a bit small.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Warm On A Cold Night


Slip dress: Make Me Chic | Cardigan: Target (Similar) | Boots: Target (Similar)

Hey everyone! So sorry for the lag in updating these past few weeks! I've been super busy as of lately but I finally found some time today to put up a much-needed posted on here. I really don't like leaving this blog empty for too long, it bums me out. :c

I didn't even realize until editing these photos that this outfit could easily work as a Valentine's Day themed look so that's what I'm gonna go with here. Slips and a cozy, oversized cardigan are often my go-to outfit and it's nice to know that this cozy glam combo can also seamlessly transition into a flirty and romantic look. This gorgeous, burgundy slip is perfect for Valentine's Day and I especially adore the delicate lace detail that lines the bottom. I also strayed from my usual nude-toned lip to don a matching burgundy lip stain from ELF. I would usually wear nude heels with this look but since its been on the chillier side, I rocked a classic pair of leather ankle boots instead. The boots paired with the dark oversized cardigan gave the look a slightly grungier feel, which I found to be a fun little stray from my usual feminine getups. One of my favorite aspects about the slip dress is that it's a super versatile piece that can be worn year round, regardless of the occasion or season. They can be dressed up or down, layered to toasty perfection or worn in their breezy simplicity, and be styled to fit whatever aesthetic it is that you want to go for. I usually go for a more girly, blush-adorned feminine feel (like with this look) but I'm loving the simpler, edgier feel that comes along with this particular outfit. 

Also, fun fact about this cardigan: it's got an incredibly great oversized feel to it, but only because it actually is oversized! I stumbled upon this gem over winter in the Target back up in Capitola and was at first bummed to see that they didn't have it in anything close to my size. I decided to try it on anyway just for fun, only to discover that this piece fit like a perfectly oversized cardigan. I now wear it everywhere. It is literally one of the coziest items I own and it feels like I'm wearing a blanket without actually looking like I'm being drowned out in one. Next time you want to find that perfect oversized sweater, I would suggest just finding a normal sized piece you like and going a few sizes up. I think Target may now be sold out of this specific cardigan but they've definitely got a whole lot of other options to sift through. I would also recommend trying them on in person if you can because not all oversized items will actually give you that effortless oversized fit. Sometimes they'll just look baggy lol. It's all about finding that one special piece and making it work just for you! 

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