Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Vintage Glitz

Bracelet, necklace and earrings c/o Tippy Taste Jewelry | Satin top: Brandy Melville (Similar: 1, 2) | Denim skirt: PacSun (Similar) | Floral dress: Reformation (Similar: 1, 2)

Gold jewelry has always and will always hold a very special in my heart. Anyone who has followed this blog long enough will know that I pretty much exclusively only wear gold/ rose gold accessories in my outfits and am always on the lookout for what pieces to glam up my outfits with next. With that said, I couldn't be any more excited to show you guys these fabulous new gold pieces that I recently got my hands on! I got the chance to collab with the cutest jewelry company based in New York called Tippy Taste and am absolutely obsessed with the stunning accessories I received. Each piece possesses a chic vintage flare to it with a little something extra added to it, ranging from pearly touches to the prettiest crystals. I thus setup this photoshoot to revolve around that very same aesthetic, incorporating plenty of florals, soft silks and other details that I felt gave off a modern vintage vibe.

A cute little floral dress is one of the easiest ways to channel that cool, vintage girl look so this dress from Reformation was an easy pick. I found that it went perfectly with both the sun burst earrings and the pearl necklace, providing just the right amount of glam to each outfit. I wore them separately though since together would be a bit too much for my minimalistic taste. I hardly ever wear statement necklaces and statement earrings together - it's always one or the other for me! The pearls and silky top were also an effortless combo to come up with. This combination however can easily look way too old and preppy for me so I threw in my favorite lace-up denim skirt for a cool and casual touch. They balanced each other out perfectly, leaving the final result vintage, modern and very much my style.  

You can rock these pieces pretty much anywhere - whether it's out to dinner, a casual coffee date, school, or work these accessories are just as versatile as they are fabulous. I also love how affordable they are! Most of the items listed on the site are under $20 and they're all elegant, high quality and stunning. If you like what you see here, definitely check out the rest of what Tippy Tasty has to offer. As you can see, the packaging is the cutest and the jewelry really is one of a kind. What's especially unique about Tippy Taste is that they offer monthly subscription boxes of their pieces, meaning you'll never have a shortage of gorgeous jewelry to wear. If you love what you see and like the sound of unlimited accessories to rock, definitely make sure to check them out here.

The weather is finally starting to warm up a bit in LA! There's definitely still a chill in the air though, meaning my cozy oversized cardigans aren't going anywhere just yet. My hometown (and a lot of California in general) recently had a bunch of scary rain storms and flood warnings, but thankfully that also helped get more than 40% of the state out of the long lasting drought we've been having. While we're still far from being perfect, it's at least a step in the right direction. I've also got a few fun & flirty Valentine's Day themed looks coming up so stay tuned for those!


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