Thursday, October 27, 2016

Urban Breeze

Turtleneck: Target | Boots: Public Desire (Similar)

I would first like to start off by saying that no, I did not go outside forgetting to put on pants haha. This turtleneck knit ended up hitting at that incredibly awkward length where it may be considered a bit too short by some to be a dress on its own, but was also way too long for me to wear as a shirt. When I first bought it in my local Target, I actually had no idea which one it was - there literally were no signs or labels or anything! More often than not, I will usually just say screw it and select the shorter option because I'm all about that mini dress life and love rocking that look as often as I can. I also have to be super careful with the length of tops I choose to put on my petite figure, because if it's too long then I will most likely look frumpy and drowned out. And that's never really a cute look to go for. I knew right away when buying this piece that it would look best on me as a sweater dress, not as a top, but the high rising slits on the side of this piece made it even more risqué wearing it out entirely on its own. So to give myself some outfit security but also give the illusion of a dress on its own, I threw on a black Brandy Melville mini skirt that hit just a little below where the sweater ends in the front. This little trick made me feel a lot more comfortable wearing this turtleneck out the way I originally wanted to, while also ensuring that no embarrassing wardrobe functions would be an issue. So in the end, I wore this piece as a top but I styled it as a dress, and I couldn't be any more thrilled with how it all turned out! It's important to wear a piece the way you personally want to wear it and not feel like the categorization its been given is the final say. Have fun with your clothing and don't feel like a garment can only be worn in the way it's technically "meant" to be. Fashion is all about wearing what makes you feel great and fabulous and I knew that I would way prefer a sweater dress over a weirdly long top with pants that did absolutely no favors for my figure. So I made it work. :)

As for the boots, it has definitely been a while since I've featured these cozy OTK bad boys on here. Unsurprisingly, the last time I featured them was around last winter with, of course, another gray turtleneck of mine. Can you tell I'm a fan of that combination? I rocked this look in DTLA the other day and loved the urban "fall in the city" vibe that it gave off. Chunky gray knits, black heeled boots and a swipe of lipstick are generally pretty good at creating that aesthetic.

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