Sunday, October 30, 2016

LA Layers

Top: Brandy Melville (Similar) | Cardigan: Muji | Jeans & heels: Target (Jeans/ Heels) | Hat: Forever 21 (Similar)

Yes, by "layers" I really do mean just that one cardigan I'm wearing in these shots. While it has definitely started to cool down a bit here, I would say it's still not cold enough to wear anymore than a single layer. That's fine with me though, because one is better than none. Whether it's cardigans or sweaters, I absolutely love donning a cozy knit in the fall time. 

The one I got here is from Muji and I recently bought it at their Shibuya store in Japan. Now I've been in some pretty large stores before but this one in particular was rather impressive. It was 7 stories tall and there was a cafe inside. Guys, it was amazing. Had I not been in a bit of time crunch that night I definitely would've taken my time roaming each and every beautifully assembled floor. Oh well, next time! (Literally. I'm going back there in 6 months lol.) Tokyo has honestly always impressed me when it comes to their stores. I went into a Forever 21 that same night that was 6 stories tall, and my all time favorite shopping mall in the city (Shibuya 109) is a massive 8 stories high! It's definitely every shopaholic's dream come true, and just another of the many reasons why I love Tokyo so much. I'll be putting up a Japan travel diary very soon talking all about my recent trip over there so stay tuned~

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