Saturday, October 22, 2016

Corduroy & Velvet

Bodysuit: Reformation (Similar) | Skirt: Brandy Melville | Belt: Target | Shoes: Steve Madden 

This outfit at first glance may look like a dress, but it's actually a velvet lace-up bodysuit paired with a black corduroy skirt. The combination is super plush and cozy and I'm actually pretty surprised at myself for not featuring either of these pieces on here sooner! This bodysuit in particular is one of my favorites - it's by Reformation and it's the second lace-up bodysuit I got from them after falling head over heels for their Avalon piece. This one featured here is made of a gorgeous black velvet fabric and is the perfect piece to rock during fall and the holidays. It was about 80 degrees on the morning that I shot this look, however, so I didn't exactly go all out with the fall fashion this time around. On a colder day, I would probably ditch the belt, throw on a soft knit cardigan (I just got the loveliest one from Muji) and maybe even rock some black tights as well. It seems like forever ago that I was in weather chilly enough to be this bundled up, so hopefully these next few weeks cool down a bit and bring around some much needed fall vibes.

Velvet is definitely trending right now. And it makes perfect sense, seeing as the '90s resurgence is still continuing to rule the fashion world today and this fabric was, for the most part, a staple part of that decade's stye. Whether it be on slip dresses, crop tops, or mini skirts, velvet seems to be just as prevalent now as it was back in the day of furbies, Boy Meets World and hit clips (remember those?!). Nostalgia aside, I consider this fabric to be incredibly cozy and perfect for the chillier fall days coming up. The same goes for corduroy - while this one in particular may have more of a '70s feel, I feel that it complements velvet in an ultrachic way. While I love myself a standard, chunky knit cardigan during this time of the year, throwing in unique textures give my outfits that same cozy, fall time feel but with a more interesting and different look. Obviously that's not to say that I won't be rocking knits this month (because you guys will see very soon that I've been stocking up on those too!) but rather, to throw in some different looks every now and then and have some diversity in your fall apparel. 

In conclusion, mixing different fabrics together and rocking unique textures is a great, easy way to play up your outfit and give it some stylish dimension. One of the best aspects of fall fashion is that it gives you the opportunity to really be fun and creative with your outfits, so go ahead and layer, drape and bundle to your heart's desire. Whatever you want, really!

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