Monday, September 19, 2016

Beauty On A Budget

While I love using higher end beauty products when I can, I (or most 22 year olds, for that matter!) don't exactly have the disposable income to exclusively use them. Therefore, a good portion of the beauty products I use on a daily basis come from more affordable, drugstore brands. Just like with my outfits, mixing designer and drugstore products together helps to create a beauty look that is both fabulous and realistically doable for your everyday routine. So with that said, here are a few of my current favorite products- all under $10 and available at your local drugstore!

1. Simple Sensitive Skin Experts Cleansing Facial Wipes
I LIVE for these facial wipes. I use them twice a day (once in the morning, once before bed) and I absolutely love how convenient they are at both cleansing your face and removing makeup. They allow you to do both simultaneously, something that I'm sure all my fellow lazy fashionistas would be stoked on. They also stay true to their "sensitive skin" label, as they don't smell like chemicals and aren't the least bit irritating to my skin. I've tried makeup wipes before that absolutely reek of harsh fragrances and chemicals, so this was an especially pleasant characteristic of it. These wipes are super refreshing on the face, and they are sold at a price point just as addicting. Even Austin uses them from time to time!

2. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi
NYX is absolutely amazing when it comes to their liquid lipsticks. I've tried their Matte Lip Cream, Lip Lingerie line and Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick and I really have come to love all three. While I would definitely recommend each and every one, my personal favorite would have to be the first product: their soft matte lip cream. The formula is super soft and plush and dries pretty fast shortly after application. It's lightweight on the lips, non-drying and perfect for a casual, everyday look.   

3. Maybelline Face Studio Master Contour Kit
I've been meaning to get my hands on the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit for literally forever now, but in the meanwhile I've been all for Maybelline's Face Studio Master Contour Kit. It works really well considering that it's sold for a much lower pricepoint than ABH's. The bronzer in this palette works really nicely underneath the cheekbones and I actually used to pair it with my ABH Illuminator back when it wasn't a tragically shattered mess. Yes, I dropped my highlighter like a fool and completely destroyed the powdered compact. I desperately need to get a new one, but until then I'll just keep using this kit. It works quite nicely, so I don't feel too much of a rush. :)

4. Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Lotion Sunscreen SPF 50
Oddly enough, I discovered this sunscreen completely by accident last month in Vancouver. Since I couldn't take my regular moisturizer/ sunscreen on the plane, I ended up randomly picking up this product as a quick substitute shortly after arriving in Canada. And now, three weeks ago, it has no doubt become a staple in my everyday beauty regimen. This acts as both a moisturizer and a sunscreen and is surprisingly non-greasy! Many of the facial sunscreens I've used in the past have been a bit too greasy for my skin, so it was definitely nice to find a formula that didn't make me feel like an oil slick right after application. This one has a pleasant, light scent to it and the texture is both creamy and lightweight.

5. Up & Up Oil Absorbing Sheets
Anybody who has been around me at all ever has probably seen me use these at one point or another. I have incredibly oily Japanese skin and have thus been using these sheets literally every single day, multiple times a day, for the past eight years. Seriously. So yeah, you could say I'm somewhat dependent on them. I'm sure any other girl out there who also has that ~oily skin lyfe~ is already well aware of these lifesavers but for those of you who aren't, definitely try them. These are and will always be one of my HG products. Clean & Clear sells these as well but I've always found the cheaper, drugstore versions to do pretty much the same exact thing. While I usually get the ones from Target, CVS versions are available as well.

6. L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Tinted Self Tanning Lotion
I love the look of tan skin but I will never be one to actually go out and bake away in the sun. Because ya know, pre-mature aging isn't really my cup of tea. With that said, I'm all for sunless tanners. I absolutely love the St. Tropez line but when I'm trying to be on a budget, I'll use L'Oreal's Sublime Bronze Tinted Self Tanning Lotion instead. Now I have definitely tried my fair share of self tanners and this one is by far the fastest drying one I've used. You get instant color right away, and it doesn't come with that atrocious smell that most tanners tend to have. It's also tinted, making the application process a lot more even. The formula leaves behind a subtle shimmer on your skin and while some people may not be a fan of this, I actually really like it! It gives off a beautiful glimmer in the sunlight and isn't too crazy overwhelming. And besides, we could all use a little more glitter in our lives.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Rose Gold Hour

Top c/o SheIn | Jeans: Brandy Melville (Similar) | Belt: Target | Bag: Michael Kors

Rose gold will forever be one of my favorite colors. Trends come and go, aesthetics change from time to time, but my love for rose gold has always been a constant staple in my wardrobe for a good number of years now. It adds a subtle yet lovely pop of color to any look it's paired with, and the same can be said for when it's featured in home decor and jewelry as well. As a matter of fact, my new apartment is slowly getting decked out in all sorts of random rose gold deets and I'm seriously loving it. It was my birthday yesterday and Austin got me such a great present: an individual sized tea pot that is in the most stunning rose gold shade! I had been wanting an individual sized tea pot for a while now and the fact that he got me that alone was great enough, but to get it literally in rose gold is just too perfect. I'll post a cute pic of it on IG once I get my hands on some loose leaf tea and actually put it to use, but until then I will just continue to admire its aesthetically pleasing beauty. As for my birthday, it was all really great and I'm excited to see what 22 ultimately has in store for me. I got to be all fancy at Nobu, had some amazing food both there and at Blue Plate Oysterette later on for dinner (their lobster mac and cheese is literally one of the greatest things I have ever eaten), and just had an overall lovely, relaxing day. I'm now in Portland for a fun little week long trip and will make sure to keep you guys updated on Instagram, as well as another travel diary recap once I'm back in LA!

I've been meaning to get an off the shoulder top in this stunning hue so I was pretty pleased to find that SheIn had this piece on their site. I had actually been curious to try out this specific style of off-the-shoulder for a while now, as it has definitely been gaining popularity in the fashion blogging world. With sleeves as voluptuous and statement-making as the ones here, you definitely want to keep the rest of your ensemble fitted and sleek, otherwise you risk looking a bit disproportioned. I originally tried pairing this top with my signature denim skirt but it didn't exactly work the way I had wanted, so the next option was a trusty pair of black skinny jeans. A double buckle belt added some lovely extra flare to the look while my favorite fine gold jewelry pieces served as the perfect finishing touches. 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

September Sounds

Here is another playlist to start off the month of September with (aka my birthday month woo~) Hope you enjoy the tunes.

Endors Toi - Tame Impala
April's Daydream - Devonte Hynes
Stay With Us - Seoul
Same - Cyril Hahn, Yumi Zouma
Figure 8 - FKA twigs
White Morning - Seoul
Somebody Who (Nzca Remix) - Au Revoir Simone
The Trip - Still Corners (current fav)

Friday, September 2, 2016


Dress: Reformation (Dupes linked below) | Shoes: Steve Madden | Bag: Target

If there was only one style of garment that I would be perfectly fine with wearing for the rest of my life, it would be LFD's - little floral dresses - from Reformation. While Reformation can do no wrong in virtually all things apparel related, I've always found one of their strongest specialties to be floral mini dresses. Whether it be the impeccable fit or the gorgeous fabric, these pieces are always flawless and the dress I'm wearing here is no exception. This is their Samba dress, and while this specific piece is unfortunately sold out, they still have the same dress in other prints. I've also been able to find some affordable dupes of it. I recently got a wrap dress from Brandy Melville that is almost the same exact shape as the one featured here. The only difference is the print, although both are still technically floral! The specific one I got from Brandy is a slightly different floral print from the one I've linked here (mine is currently not listed on their site), which I will be featuring on here shortly. :) 

This piece is a wrap dress, meaning you can make it as tight or as loose on you as you'd like. One word of caution that I would advise though is to be careful around wind. Wind is more your friend when you're in a wrap maxi dress - not so much a mini. While the former helps you show off some fabulous high slit/ leg action, the latter can lead to a rather revealing wardrobe malfunction.  With that aside, however, this is the perfect summer dress to run around town and feel all cute and fabulous in. It's incredibly lightweight too. As for the blush bag featured here, I managed to score this baby at Target and I'm absolutely in love with it. I've been meaning to get a blush bag for a while, but every single one I've seen so far has been way too pricey for me. Which is why I'm all for Target, lol. I spotted this one on a routine grocery run the other day and it was love at first sight.