Thursday, August 11, 2016

Styling Stripes

Striped tie-front blouse c/o Sammy Dress | Denim Skirt: American Apparel

It's officially stripes season. I've been really into the clean, minimalistic stripe trend that seems to be dominating the online fashion world at the moment, as I'm sure you can tell with my recent posts and how often I've been featuring them on here. I generally don't wear stripes, let alone prints in general (unless it's florals, obv) but I'm loving this style in particular because it's clean, fresh and incredibly modern. A pop of this print can easily be incorporated into a variety of looks, or you can wear it in its entirety for an ensemble that maintains a fine balance of bold and minimal (Exhibit A: This stunning Lulu's maxi dress I featured on here last month). Because this style is so trendy at the moment, it's a piece of cake finding cute clothing online that rocks this gorgeous print. Sometimes be a bit too easy though, to the point where it's often sold out in my size. Which can be very frustrating.....

I recently got the opportunity to check out the site Sammy Dress and participate in their product experience program, in which I review how the ordering process went and my overall experience with the site. Sammy Dress is an online store that offers a wide array of clothing for super affordable prices, and I couldn't have been any more excited to find my beloved aforementioned stripes on a number of the pieces they offered. When I submitted my order, I received an email shortly afterwords confirming my purchase and that my items were being processed. I actually had my pieces sent to my parent's home rather than my apartment, since I knew in about a week's time from ordering, I would be there instead. By the time I got to my parent's place, my pieces were right there waiting for me! 
I ordered three pieces overall: 1) a striped blouse, 2) a striped crop top and wrap skirt set, and 3) a double buckle belt. They were all individually wrapped, as shown below, and did not appear to have any stains, loose pieces or broken bits on them. The material of the blouse is a bit on the thinner side, but it worked out pretty well for me seeing as living in LA is essentially living in a never-ending summer. The belt was actually a bit too large to fit through the loops of the jeans I was wearing here, so I ended up just wearing it over it instead. I ordered a size S for the tie-front blouse and two piece, and they both ended up fitting perfectly.

The two piece is something I can definitely see myself rocking on a warm day out, while the belt is a statement accessory that can easily edge up any look. The wrap skirt that comes with the two piece is pretty good quality, and it allows you to customize the placement of the skirt's slit and how fitted you would like it be on you. The material is a little thin, but thicker than that of the first blouse. Again, though, it's probably for the best seeing as these are pieces designed for warmer weather, and you certainly wouldn't want to be wearing a thick, stuffy garment out in the sun. The double-buckle, Western-style belt is also very trendy at the moment, and this piece in particular is refreshingly affordable compared to the other pricier options on the market. I would suggest keeping everything else simple when donning this extravagant accessory, which I did here by keeping the rest of my ensemble all black. However, if you decide to rock a print with it, I would recommend pairing it with the clean stripes you see in the first look. I actually paired a similar style belt with the first look rather than with the one I received from Sammy Dress, as the latter was too large to fit around my waist and was most likely designed to be worn as just a regular belt around the hips.

Double buckle belt c/o Sammy Dress | Bodysuit: Charlotte Russe | Denim: Brandy Melville | Choker: Are You Am I

How the items were packaged upon arrival

Overall, I had a pleasant experience with Sammy Dress and really liked the pieces I received. The shipping was fast and there didn't seem to be any complications or mix-ups in the ordering process. Customer service was friendly, everything arrived as expected, and I definitely plan on rocking the pieces I received in future outfits. My favorite item out of all of these would definitely have to be the tie-front blouse, as you can probably tell by the excessive number of photos I've featured of it. Check out what they have to offer over at!

Now, a bit of an update on my personal life as of lately: Austin and I are currently in the middle of dogsitting, housesitting and moving into our new apartment so things have been pretty hectic! We recently got all of the heavy stuff moved into the new place so I'm glad that's over with, but I'm definitely still feeling the soreness to this day. I suppose that's what I got for being pretty lazy with workouts haha. This is the second year in a row that we've moved apartments and everything that's inside of them entirely by ourselves. While the initial moving process can be a bit intense, the ability to completely redesign everything afterwords and update your living area always makes it worth it! I'm pretty excited for setting up this new place - it's a studio, so it's technically a bit smaller than what we have been living in previously, but it's actually quite spacious for a studio. And you know I've been searching through Pinterest picking up some tips on how to style a studio apartment fabulously. I also finally have a graduation recap coming up next for you guys. Yes, I know it has literally been months since I've saying that, so please pardon the embarrassingly late delay. It will be up in just a few days - hope you guys like what you see! 

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