Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Photo Diary

The gorgeous view from Seattle -> San Francisco

If you've been following me on Instagram lately, you'll probably know that I got to do a little bit of traveling over these past few weeks. My family and I took a lovely excursion up to Canada where we enjoyed a tour of the Pacific Northwest, visiting Vancouver, then Vancouver Island and finally concluding in Seattle. It was an incredibly fun trip and as always, I made sure to take a lot of pictures along the way. This was my second time visiting Vancouver and just as I did the first time around, I absolutely fell in love with the city. I first visited with Austin last year and I kid you not, we looked into getting permanent residency there after the trip because we loved it that much. The city is perfect in a countless number of ways. It's located right by the seaside, the food (and especially the seafood!) is amazing, it's clean, very urban, lots of shopping, plenty of gorgeous nature, and very friendly people. The stereotype is true, guys - people in Canada are super kind, and I was all for it. After four nights in Vancouver, we took a ferry over to Vancouver Island where we stayed in Victoria for another three nights. I wasn't too sure what to expect of Victoria seeing as I had never really heard of the area before, but I ended up loving it there. It's a small but bustling town that actually reminded me a lot of London. Just like Vancouver, it's nestled in a gorgeous seaside location and the atmosphere is fabulous. It was the perfect combination of rustic meets modern, with a downtown district lined with lively bars, pubs, restaurants, shops and all that fun stuff. Our trip concluded in Seattle, where we only stayed for one night but still got to go out and see a bit of what the city had to offer. Pike Place was a really neat area to visit, and we had dinner at a super great restaurant called The Pink Door. If Italian food is your thing, definitely try that spot out. I'll conclude my segment here and let the photos do the rest of the talking. I'll be visiting Portland next month, so expect another travel diary shortly afterwords!

Urban lights from our first night.

You're pretty, Vancouver.

First breakfast in Vancouver consisted of the typical fashionista diet, aka plenty of coffee and croissants. Taken at a lovely cafe by our hotel called Fauborg.

More croissants + coffee because why not.

View of Lions Gate Bridge from Prospect Point in Stanley Park.

Wagyu beef steak at  one of my favorite spots in town, Blue Water Cafe. This was hands down the most delicious - and most expensive omg - steak I have ever eaten. 

Ridiculously good sushi at Miku in Vancouver. If you're there, get the Premium lunch plate - you'll thank me later.

The first skyline views from our harbor dinner cruise.

Another view of Lions Gate Bridge, this time basking in the sunset.

Shoutout to Vancouver for the aesthetically pleasing sunsets.

More skyline scenery.

Reason #47384623782 why Vancouver is perfect: They have a Ladurée.

Sooo, I kind of like taking photos of the Vancouver skyline. This was the view of it from Granville Island.

About to get on the Capilano Bridge. For someone who is pretty scared of heights, it wasn't really that bad to cross.

Ferry from Vancouver to Vancouver Island.

~ferry selfie~ featuring some lovely wind and and even lovelier hair!

Afternoon tea at White Heather's in Victoria. 


First night out in Victoria. Such a gorgeous town with quite a lot of European vibes.

Roses at Butchart Garden in Vancouver Island - featuring a cute, lil bee.

More pretty flowers woo~

An AMAZING seafood/ Indian fusion dinner I had at Fishhook in Victoria. This is the Daily Khatch with tikka seared tuna.

Admiring the small things in life, like this pretty flower display in Port Angeles, Washington

Neon vibes at Pike Place Market.

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