Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Summer Stripes

Dress: Lulus | Heels: Steve Madden

Shoutout to restock updates~ I don't even remember when I first originally saw this dress on Lulus (which was out of stock at the time), but I apparently signed myself up for a restock notification because I ended up receiving one out of nowhere last month. Although somewhat unexpected, I'm glad I got it since I actually ended up buying it shortly afterwords! I find restock updates and waitlists to be incredibly convenient tools, and I would recommend taking the time to always sign yourself up for one when something you like is out of stock. I know the wait can be frustrating at times, but it will definitely end up being worth it if your item ends up gettoing restocked. I've had a good amount of luck with it for Reformation pieces (I will cherish my Avalon bodysuit forever, which I scored through their waitlist), and now with this lovely dress too!

I hardly ever wear maxi dresses that don't have a slit in it, so naturally this one was already a winner. I'm obsessed with both the slit featured in this piece as well as the ultra cute cut-out in the back. I would say this dress is perfect for brunch or a nice summer party, but to be honest, I always feel funny whenever I recommend events that a certain garment would be appropriate for. My philosophy has always been to wear whatever you want whenever you'd like, for no reason other than you simply want to, and I feel like this dress should be no exception. I ended up wearing this piece to Gjusta the other day with my boyfriend for some breakfast, but I also wore it in San Diego a few weeks ago. I can also see myself doing the same when I go on a little visit back home to Santa Cruz in a few weeks. So, my advice? Wear it to a nice party, a coffee date, your summer class, the beach, grocery shopping, at home by yourself, whatever. Literally wear it whenever you want. You don't need a reason to be fabulous!

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