Sunday, July 31, 2016

Neon Nights

An accurate portrayal of how I feel about Laffing Sal ^^

Dress: SheIn | Choker: Are You Am I | Heels: Steve Madden

Alright y'all, this is officially the coolest photoshoot I've done in a while. I spent this past week back home in Santa Cruz and one of my favorite things to do while I'm here is to get shoots for this blog done around town. Seeing as most of my looks are shot in LA, it's nice to get a bit of my hometown flare in every now and then. :) SC is a naturally beautiful area, and it really isn't hard scoping out picturesque locations for these shoots. And lucky for me, I've also got access to a pretty wonderful photographer here! I had the pleasure of working with my good friend Melissa for these shots and as you can see, this girl really knows her stuff. Melissa is an amazing artist and seriously one of the most talented people I know, so I could’t have been any more excited to get these shoots done with her. We first started off the shoot downtown, and had originally wrapped up all the shots for this dress there. It was Melissa's idea, however, to get some more nighttime shots in the arcade at the Boardwalk and since that's something I've never really featured on here before, I was definitely all for it. I also haven’t been to the Boardwalk in forever, so it was a nice trip down memory lane going back. We started off in the arcade and moved our way towards the rides, before eventually being kicked out because "professional photography" is apparently banned at the Boardwalk...I know, weird. But at least we were able to get the shots that we had already taken! I couldn’t be any more pleased with how they turned out, and am overall really glad that we ended up doing this little extension to the shoot. I love the artsy, neon vibes that come with each shot and the bokeh is absolute perfection. If you're in the Santa Cruz area and are looking to get a photographer for an event, or simply just want some fabulous photos taken of you, have Melissa do it for you! I'll be putting up another photoshoot we did in just a few days, but in the meanwhile make sure to check out her Instagram for more examples of her amazing work. 

Now, about this dress - it's seriously the full package. It's both off the shoulder AND lace up, which I've made evident are two styles that I'm madly obsessed with. The ribbed fabric on it is pretty good quality as well. This piece is once again from SheIn, and I'm still amazed that a dress so cute can also be so affordable. If you like what you see, you can get the same piece for yourself here.

As mentioned earlier, this shoot is only one of the two that Melissa and I got done this past weekend. Can't wait to show you guys the amazing shots of the next one, as well as the gorgeous dress that's featured in it. 

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