Saturday, July 9, 2016

July Playlist

Image Source: Tumblr

 The entirety of Blood Orange's new album, Freetown Sound, because it's that flawless. 
Some of my favorites include:
"But You"
"Squash Squash"
(Last three not on YouTube but are all on iTunes/ Spotify)

 "Thursday" - Asobi Seksu 
"Nowhere Near" - Yo La Tengo
"I Wanna Be Adored" - The Raveonettes
"New Years" - Asobi Seksu
"A Great Design" - Black Marble
"Made In Heights" - Murakami
'"Picture This" - Kero Kero Bonito
"Lions and Tigers" - Asobi Seksu (can you tell I really like them?)
"Dodi" - Yumi Zouma
"Desire" - Haunt
"All Night" - Beyonce

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