Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Arm Candy

Bracelet, necklace and charms c/o Soufeel

You guys know that I've got a bit of a love affair going on with metallic jewelry. They're my go-to accessories in pretty much every outfit I feature on here, and I've always loved how they can transform a simple outfit into an effortlessly casual-luxe ensemble. With that said, I couldn't have been any more excited to collaborate with Soufeel, a jewelry company that specializes in gorgeous metallic charms and accessories! They offer an extensive customization process that allows you to curate the perfect bracelet of your choice, offering designs to choose from that are sleek, modern and elegant. This was especially important to me because when I first originally thought of the term "charm bracelet" my mind would go to those square-shaped, stretchy kind that I used to rock in third grade. You know, those oh-so-fabulous charms that featured images of soccer balls and tiaras? Good memories. 

Great customization with great building blocks make for a fabulous final product. When I went to customize my bracelet, I saw that they had rose gold charms and immediately knew that's what I wanted for my piece. I also incorporated some sparkly silver tones (because you can never go wrong with just a hint of shimmer) and gorgeous hoop charms. Now even though these are technically charms, I discovered that they can double as actual rings too! It's a pretty great deal if you ask me. 

A line of products that I really loved in particular were their Memorable Charms, which allow you to put a personal photo of choice onto a charm. I went and chose a photo of my dog Max, who sadly passed away at the end of last year. Even though he's gone now, he still means the world to me and it only seemed fitting that he be the one placed inside the heart-shaped locket I selected. A necklace becomes far more than just an accessory when a meaningful touch is added to it - it becomes something incredibly special and unique to you, and I love that I'll have a little bit of him with me wherever I go.

Overall, I had a great experience with Soufeel. My pieces were beautifully made, good quality (they use sterling silver!) and everything arrived in a timely manner. If you guys like what you see, feel free to use the coupon code IG5 for a discount on your next Soufeel purchase! 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summer Uniform

Bodysuit c/o SheIn | Skirt: PacSun | Leather tie choker: Are You Am I | Heels: Steve Madden | Gold choker: River Island 

Just like in my last post, this outfit is the perfect representation of the summer staples dominating my closet at the moment. All that's missing are the floral dresses - which I guarantee are coming up as well! This bodysuit from SheIn is the perfect everyday piece to wear, especially for when the weather's nice and you want to rock something easy. It's a remarkably versatile garment as well, with a silhouette that works wonders for both casual and dressed up looks. The only style tip I would give for this piece is to find a pretty lace bra to layer underneath, since I think that those over a B cup may find this piece to be a bit too risky to wear out braless. I chose a white one so that it would match with the bodysuit, but a black one could also be just as stylish. I'm not a huge fan of adhesive bras or dress tape, but those are options that can definitely work as well!

As for accessories, I couldn't be any more excited to show off my new chokers. The first is this leather tie choker, which is by Rumi Neely's clothing line Are You Am I. I've mentioned on here before that Rumi is a huge influence on my style, and I love how she's transferred her knowledge of fashion into a clothing line that perfectly encapsulates her effortless style. This choker goes with literally everything, and it adds a special, delicate touch to any look it's incorporated into. The second is this gorgeous fine gold choker from River Island. I got it off ASOS over Memorial Day weekend (shoutout to the killer site-wide sale that influenced my purchase decision) and just like with the AYAI piece, it's super versatile. Whether these two chokers are paired together or doing their own thing separately, you can never go wrong with some leather and gold.

Friday, June 24, 2016


Choker c/o Scarlet Clothing (IG: @scarletclothing) | Bodysuit: American Apparel | Skirt: PacSun (Similar) | Bag: Michael Kors

So.....its been really hot these past few days. Not sure how much longer this heatwave is going to last but until then, expect to see me exclusively clad in lightweight bodysuits, airy dresses and mini skirts.

You know you're a fashion girl though when even 100+ degree can't stop you from wearing black lmao. This gorgeous choker from Scarlet Clothing is the perfect accessory for amping up any look, as well as giving you that covetable '90s flare that's still super in at the moment. As of lately, I've been viewing chokers as my new secret weapon. They somehow manage to change everything, and are perfect at upgrading a simple look into an effortlessly stylish ensemble. I love a good black choker + black top pairing, but I've also been experimenting with fine gold and even blush chokers as well. Expect to see them on here in the coming weeks. :) 

In other news, I've been getting super into Pinterest lately and have found myself madly pinning away these past few days. I know, I know - super late to the bandwagon. Forgive me. If you want to check out all my miscellaneous fashion, beauty and food interests then feel free to view my page here

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer Wardrobe Wishlist

With summer kicking off into full gear, I thought it would be fun to assemble a wish list of some products that I'm hoping to get my hands on this season. These are all from SheIn, and I love how everything is not only super cute but also incredibly affordable! I originally planned on doing only a few items for this post, but I ended up going a bit crazy and selecting a whole bunch of things instead. :) Hopefully you guys like them just as much as I do and can get some ~summer inspo~ from these pieces. There are a lot of floral dresses, block heels, off the shoulder pieces, denim skirts and hints of blush, and links to each item are provided below the pic. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Scarlet Starlet

Dress c/o Scarlet Clothing 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their summer! My sincerest apologies for the lag in updating - I can't even begin to tell you guys how busy these past few weeks have been. I know I already mentioned that in my previous post, but things somehow managed to get even crazier than that haha. I'll delve into the details in a later post, but for now I'll just say that I'm so happy to finally get this blog up and running again! I've definitely missed it, and I also have lots of cute new looks to show you guys. 

The first is this stunner of a dress right here. The wise Karl Lagerfeld once said that you can never be over or underdressed with a little black dress, and I for one couldn't agree any more with that statement. I'm such a huge fan of the LBD that I literally did a speech for a communications class once praising the iconic garment and emphasizing why it's a wardrobe staple. Education, people!

This piece is from Scarlet Clothing, an ultra cute boutique that I recently got introduced to and have since fallen madly in love with. A lot of their stuff is perfect for summer, a few of my favorites being these two dresses (1, 2), this romper, this off-the-shoulder crop top and these jeans. Make sure to check out their equally fabulous Instagram as well - @scarletclothing!

There's a vast assortment of ways in which you can style an LBD. For this look, I stayed true to my everyday style by maintaining my favorite casual-yet-chic balance. My signature ankle strap heels, a blush purse and some glitzy gold accessories served as the perfect complements to this piece, while the cutout in the back gave it an unexpected edge. And although you probably can't tell by the photos alone, the material of the dress is refreshingly light! LA is in a pretty aggressive heatwave right now, so being able to rock something in black while also not feeling like I'm about to melt is a huge plus. Lastly, an easy style tip that I did for this piece was cinch it at the waist with a black belt so that it was more form fitting and slightly shorter.

This dress is just one of the many that I've gotten my hands on in the past few weeks, so stay tuned for more. And to all my fellow SoCal fashionistas out there powering through this heat wave - stay cool!