Friday, March 4, 2016

Lookbook: My Style Highlight

I took a little trip down memory lane the other day and selected a few top looks that I've posted on here over the past year. It was fun reminiscing on all of the outfits I've put together, but it was also crazy since these truly visualize just how much my look has changed over the progression of this blog! Not just with my appearance (I mean, look at how short my hair was....) but with my style in general. As I've mentioned before, my personal style is generally dictated by what is inspiring me at the moment. This can derive from a variety of different sources, whether it be film, music, my surroundings, a fashion show, or in some cases, an eclectic mix of all four. Just based off these selected looks alone, influences include '70s fashion, bohemian styles, city chic, and urban minimalism. And although I have a good idea as to what my current look is, not even I can predict the trend that's going to be consuming my wardrobe next! Regardless, my style is constantly evolving, and whatever I choose to wear at the moment is what I feel gives me the most confidence. Dressing up will always be my favorite form of creative self expression, and although the specific aesthetics may vary over time, their one constant similarity is that they are what make me feel fabulous. 

I recently had the pleasure of being introduced to Social Print Studio, which ultimately inspired me to create this lookbook. I hope you all enjoy checking out this broad compilation of styles I've put together! Some of these looks are as old as a year, some are very recent, and a whole lot fall right in between. I absolutely love having this blog as an outlet to showcase all of my favorite outfits, and I'm excited to see how things will look on here in yet another year's time. Stay tuned. :)

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