Thursday, March 10, 2016

Casual Lace-Up

Top: Cotton Candy LA  |  Denim: Pacsun  |  Shoes: Jessica Simpson  |  Bag: Michael Kors
Here is a casual, daytime look with a hint of boho edge. First off though, let me just apologize for the small number of photos featured in this post! I'm very picky about which shots are put on here and sometimes, only a handful make the cut haha. Regardless, I think these still do a thorough job at showing off the outfit. There isn't all that much to it since it's on the simpler side, but I do love the lace-up detail that's on this top. I've definitely fallen back into my lace-up phase, and with this being the third lace-up piece I've featured on here in a week's time, I'm sure its become pretty obvious. My jeans look white in these pictures, but they're actually a faded, light blue wash. I've featured light wash denim and camel on here before, and I just had to bring back the color combination again as I love how they look together. 

Speaking of lace-up, denim and camel shades - festival season is rapidly approaching! Definitely expect to see a lot of Coachella inspired looks on here in the coming weeks. Unfortunately I won't be going this year, but I'm not too bummed since the main person I wanted to see on the lineup was Grimes and I'll be seeing her in a few weeks in LA instead :) 

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