Tuesday, January 5, 2016

California Nights

I'm now back in Los Angeles, but here is a winter shoot I did up in Santa Cruz (Capitola to be specific). This faux fur coat from Target is absolutely amazing. I managed to snag it on Black Friday and although it's a few sizes larger than what I typically wear, it's super cozy and fits snugly. I think they may have sold out of this specific coat, but fear not - they've busted out many similar looking pieces since then.

Another winter favorite? Over-the-knee boots. A black pair of OTK boots will pair with just about anything and are perfect for those chilly days out. I'm also obsessed with this bodysuit from Reformation, and anybody who has followed me long enough knows that I am head over heels for anything Reformation! They had some awesome Christmas sales going on these past few weeks and you know I had pick to myself up a few pieces - their Lozita bodysuit being one of them.  Expect a few more of their pieces coming up!

As you can tell, my boyfriend and I took a lot of pictures for this shoot. But the lighting was good and the scenery was gorgeous, so we couldn't really help ourselves. On a final note, I hope everybody had a fantastic New Years and is enjoying 2016 so far! I don't really make myself a list of specific "resolutions" or anything, but I know that I've got a few things in mind that I definitely aim to accomplish this year. One of them is simply to make this blog the best I can possibly make it. As mentioned in my previous post, I have a lot of new ideas for this site and a lot of exciting directions in which I'm hoping to take it. 2015 was my first year really getting into fashion blogging, and its brought me to realize that I really do love doing this. I hope to take things even further this year, and continue to express my love for fashion in ways that are exciting, interesting and inspirational. And I hope you as a reader enjoy every part of it. :)


Outfit Details

Bodysuit: Reformation
Skirt: Brandy Melville
Coat: Target
Shoes: Simmi Shoes
Bag: Michael Kors

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