Wednesday, July 15, 2015


This bodysuit is like nothing I've owned before. It's the Avalon bodysuit from Reformation and I've got to say guys, I'm seriously so obsessed. I mean, I'm sure you can already tell by the millions of photos I've featured in this post of it, but I figured I would let you know right off the bat anyway. I'm all for the lace-up trend thats been everywhere this season and this piece seriously takes it to the next level. It's edgy, it fits like a glove and it instantly spices up anything that it's paired with. Whether it's denim jeans or a girly circle skirt, it works with almost anything. This piece is also very high in demand, so the second I saw that it was available in my size, I got it ASAP. I would definitely recommend putting your email on their waitlist if it's currently unavailable in your preferred size. That's exactly what I did, and was able to get it with no hassle once I got an email back saying it was in stock.

Sorry these photos are a bit all over the place! I couldn't really decide on one location to shoot this outfit, so we just went up and down Main Street in Santa Monica/ Venice snapping shots in whatever spots looked nice and photogenic. Regardless, I think they've all come together quite nicely! Bit of a side note, but if you are ever in this area I would highly recommend going to Komodo in Venice. We went and got dinner there prior to taking these photos and it was amazing. Asian fusion tacos may sound a bit odd at first, but they definitely make it work. Only in Los Angeles. ;)


Outfit Details

Bodysuit: Reformation
Pants: PacSun (Similar)
Shoes: Target (Similar)
Bag: Express 


  1. What kind of bra piece did you use with this bodysuit?

  2. Obsessed with this look!!! Just perfect.!! Xo