Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Functional Fashion

When it comes to student style, there are few things greater than functional fashion. Sometimes, being a student and maintaining your fashion game doesn't harmonize all that well. For example, I'm a student at UCLA and am all too familiar with the dilemma of sacrificing style due to the exhausting nature of walking to and from class everyday. (Especially at my campus, where steep hills and endless staircases make up a great proportion of my commute). Through this experience, however, I've also been able to learn some pointers on this issue. By making your fashion functional, walking to class in comfort and style can very well be a possibility. I'm currently a member of Denizen Magazine, a fashion & lifestyle online magazine at UCLA, and have just put up an article on their website addressing functional fashion and how one can make their everyday campus wardrobe a bit more practical and a lot more stylish. Whether it be cozy ankle boots or protective sunglasses, an outfit that's functional and fabulous is a fashion girl's dream come true. 

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