Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What I'm Listening To

1. "Little White Lies" (Moon Boots) Remix - Florrie
Florrie is absolutely precious and Moon Boots makes some of the best remixes. Pretty perfect combination in my opinion.

2. "Habits (Stay High)" Oliver Nelson Remix - Tove Lo
This remix should get as much as airplay as the original song because I am all about this version.

3. "Revolution 909" - Daft Punk
It's Daft Punk. Enough said.

4. "Métele" (Cesare Remix) - Buscabulla
I absolutely love this remix. Make sure to listen to the original of this song as well because it's just as good! Also everything Kitsuné puts together is incredible and I would recommend checking out their playlists on Spotify. You won't be disappointed.

5. "Flicker" - Porter Robinson
I'm half-Japanese, so I can definitely appreciate the bits of Japanese thrown in here. :) But seriously, this song rules. Check it out.

6. "Diver" - AlunaGeorge
Love AlunaGeorge. This song is super chill, as is the rest of this album. The Wilfred Giroux remix to this song is sick too so def give that a listen. 

7. "On the Way" (Cesare Remix) - Kilo Kish
 Alright, my dearest apologies for putting the same album on here twice. In my defense, it was just too hard to pick which Cesare remix I liked better! So I've put on both. Give em a listen - you'll be glad I did.

8. "Speeding" - Lights
Lights holds a very, very special spot on here. I have been listening to this very talented woman for the past eight years now and it's incredible how she manages to always create such amazing, feel-good music. Every album she puts out is perfection, and you can bet they'll be making their way onto here in the future. This song is off her latest one and it's one of the many, many favorites I have from her. And seeing as she's also a lyrical genius, I figured it would be appropriate to highlight one of my favorite lines from this tune: "The world in the rear view mirror doesn't shake me; I haven't looked back there lately."

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