Sunday, November 30, 2014

Holiday Essentials

It's that time of the year again! The holidays are fast approaching, and I couldn't be any more excited for all of the fun, seasonal traditions that accompany the winter time. Delicious holiday drinks, shimmering lights, decorations everywhere, classic Christmas tunes constantly playing......the list just goes on and on.

Now holiday fashion is definitely something I enjoy rocking, and listed below are some essentials to ensure you too are rocking the season in style. Whether you're going out or staying in, holiday chic is a look that's easily achievable.

The outfit above is my take on a stylish night out during the holidays, consisting of dark velvets, fabulous shimmer, and sleek leather. One of the best things about dressing up during the holidays is that it's a rather glamorous time of the year, making it so you can really glitz up your outfits to your liking.

 I find sequins to be some of the easiest ways to incorporate some signature holiday shimmer into an ensemble, but make sure to do so tastefully. I personally prefer to have one garment that has this embellishment, while the rest of the outfit is balanced out with luxe neutrals. I also love the velvet texture of the Yves Saint Laurent clutch featured. Velvet and sequins are a classic holiday combo, and the additional leather textures incorporated add an edgy modern vibe to the ensemble. When it comes to makeup, the combination of deep, rich plum and shimmery nudes is a solid choice. A swipe of the plum color on your lips will instantly add a bold, glamorous touch to your look, while the nude shades compliment it in a dramatic, yet not overpowering, way. Add on a spritz of your favorite perfume as a finishing touch, and you're good to go!

Now of course, not every single night is going to be spent getting glammed up. You can, however, still rock holiday chic on those cozy evenings in as well. For example, take the sequined glamor of the earlier outfit and incorporate it onto a soft, warm sweater instead. Just how adorable is that embellished pullover from H&M? 

Style this piece with other comfy yet fashionable items as well, such as a cashmere scarf, a light, patterned top, and some fabulously cozy lounge pants. The loungewear trend has definitely been on the rise lately, so why not take it one step further this season and add some holiday flare? I also enjoy pampering myself on my days-off, and the cold, dry temperatures of the winter time usually calls for extra moisturizing. A rich, thick body cream can certainly do the trick here, while a soothing lip balm can keep your lips chap-free. Lastly, holiday-scented candles, a cozy pair of slippers, and a nice, warm mug of whatever seasonal drink you like are always wonderful to have. Although not necessarily correlated with fashion, we can all agree that they're perfect additions to any December evening staying in!


Both photo sets created on Polyvore

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