Thursday, October 16, 2014

Just Like Honey

I don't think I've shown a single pair of pants on this blog yet, so I figured the time would be now. I definitely love wearing dresses and skirts but yes, I wear pants too! The Riding pants from American Apparel featured here are one of my favorites, as they fit perfectly with the body and pair with just about anything. They're also high-waisted, which is helpful for any fellow girls with shorter legs. 

The vibe I wanted to go for with this outfit was something along the lines of an edgy, downtown look. A cool leather jacket, heeled black boots, metallics, and some sunglasses certainly helps form that aesthetic, and so does the fact that once again, I've decided to don lots of black. As mentioned earlier, black is one of those colors that will always keep you looking chic. My love for brown leather paired with black is also apparent again here - the jacket allows for some stylish extra detail to be added to the black ensemble without distracting from it too much either. I personally find that the two seem to compliment each other perfectly, as does a multitude of other neutral tones paired with black. The  Fall season is a particularly popular time to rock neutrals, however these versatile hues can really be rocked all year long. I personally love stocking up on neutral-tones items - not only can I easily wear them whenever I please, but neutral items in general are simple, chic, and sophisticated. When something is fuss-free and fabulous, it's certainly something worth having in your wardrobe.


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Top: Express (X)
Pants: American Apparel (X)
Jacket: H&M (Similar)
Boots: H&M (Similar)
Bag: Marshall's (Similar)
Bracelet: Target (Similar)

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