Friday, September 12, 2014

English Rose

      In a place as lovely as England, it was only fitting that I dress accordingly. The maxi dress featured is probably one of my absolute favorite pieces. It’s from Reformed by the Reformation, a collaboration that LA-based, eco-friendly brand Reformation did with Urban Outfitters, and let me just say that I absolutely love them. Every time I wear a dress from this brand, I feel incredible - as if the dress was made just for me. The fabrics are hands down beautiful, the fit is right on point, and the flow of the maxi dresses is practically ethereal. And looks aside, they make all of their products in a sustainable and eco-conscious manner. Who knew being environmentally friendly could look so fabulous? Reformation certainly makes eco-chic effortless.

     With the floral pattern of the dress being my main pop of design, I kept things minimal elsewhere. When I'm wearing a piece that has more of a vibrant print, I opt for accessories that are stylish on their own, but also simple enough to compliment the outfit rather than distract from the main garment. A simple, black DKNY chain link bag served as my purse, and my signature rose gold Michael Kors watch was a must. My heeled brown sandals from Lulu's pair with a great deal of dresses I own and not only are they pretty darn cute, but they're also very comfortable. In addition, heeled brown sandals are shoes that transition fabulously from summer to fall, making it so you can rock these heels almost all year long. It works out pretty well. :) 


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