Monday, January 8, 2018

Golden Age

Dress: Free People | Bag Kate Spade | Sunglasses: ChloƩ | Boots Lulus

Happy 2018, y'all! I feel like I say this just about every year now, but it seriously flew by for me. I spent the end of 2017 once again back in my hometown of Santa Cruz and it was such a nice, relaxing way to finish off the year. It was also a lovely break from the chilly weather taking over Portland. As a Californian who spent the last three years in sunny LA, the cooler temps have definitely taken some getting used to. But despite the breezy look I've featured here, I've actually been stocking up on tons of thermals, jackets and other warm accessories that will hopefully make the transition a lot easier for me!

Santa Cruz was warmer than usual this time of year, meaning it was once again time to whip out the mini dresses. I've been obsessed with Free People's selection as of lately and ended up stocking up on quite a few of them over the past month. I was able to rock this one in its breezy simplicity, but the rest may have to be a bit more bundled up since they'll be shot up in Portland. You can bet that this California girl is going to make her beloved sun dresses work up there!

In my usual fashion, I once again wore a top as a dress. But here me out guys - I genuinely could not tell which one it was when I first tried it on, because it was perfectly oversized enough to also work as a mini dress. But because I liked how it looked as a dress........I decided it was a dress. I'm also really particular about where my minis end, and this one in particular hit right at that perfect mid-thigh length that I'm all for. I'll say it before and I'll say it again - it's all about making it work in a fun and unique way that you love. Labels and categories are irrelevant, wear it how you want to and just do you!

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I'm happy to say that I started off the year feeling refreshed, inspired and thrilled to get back to work. Winter break was very much needed for me this year, and I got to spend it taking a breather and getting myself ready to start creating content I've been thinking about for some time now. I have so many new ideas to try out, so many new directions that I want to take this blog, and new styles that I want to experiment with.  I've got another Monthly Favorites post in the works, as well as a few more shoots that I can't wait to showcase on here. I'm inspired, I'm excited and I'm ready.

Here's to a fabulous 2018!

Friday, November 10, 2017

November Streets

Beanie: Target | Duster cardigan: Shein | Top: Reformation | Pant: Uniqlo | Bag: Target

So...its getting cold. I told you guys the bundled looks would keep coming and here they are! Few garments bring together a look quite as easily as a duster cardigan. These versatile pieces can dress up an outfit on an instant and are overall a great go-to item to have in any wardrobe. They aren't necessarily the warmest however, so make sure to layer appropriately if the temperatures really start to plummet. 

We shot this look in the Pearl District right after a delicious brunch at a spot called Irving Street Kitchen (pics of it below). Yes guys, I'm still obsessed with brunch. Now that I'm in Portland, I want to try out as many spots here as possible so I can get my list of favorite spots going, just as I did when I was down in Los Angeles. Irving Street Kitchen in particular was delicious! It's Southern-inspired fare is hearty and tasty and the rustic-chic decor was equally as impressive. That spot along with my other current fave, Lovejoy Bakers, have definitely made the list. 

The Pearl District is such a beautiful spot and I can easily see myself shooting down there more often. There's plenty of nice restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques (one of which I work at!),  and the atmosphere in general is urban and fun. It was one of the first spots I visited when I first came up to Portland and it has quickly become one of my favorite areas in town. It helps that there's no shortage of great photo shoot locations either ;) Expect to see plenty more of them down here!

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Stepping Into Fall

Sweater: Uniqlo | Dress: Reformation | Shoes: Soda | Bag: Michael Kors | Scarf: Target

Its been a while since I've featured sweaters and scarves on here! Pretty sure the last time I did so was for this major throwback here - which, funny enough, was almost exactly 3 years ago to this day. I remember getting Sprinkles cupcakes with Austin right after we did this shoot because we were right by the Beverly Hills location. Oh how the time flies.

Even before I moved up to Portland, I knew early on that my wardrobe would have to undergo some transitions in order to work for the Pacific Northwest. And luckily for me, the breezy floral dresses that make up about 80% of my outfits have proven to be both functional and versatile.

One of the easiest ways to make this transition work is with a good, old sweater. For this look here, I created the illusion of a top and skirt by simply throwing a cropped sweater over my dress. I also concealed any exposed parts of the dress on top by putting my scarf over it. With only the bottom half visible, you've got yourself a cozy and feminine top and "skirt" combo. I had actually been on the search for a cute floral print skirt but then realized I could easily make one using the dresses I already own!

The weather was pretty mild on the day we shot this look, so I ditched the tights and kept my look breezy and bare legged. It was also the perfect chance for me to show off the new sandals I scored at Marshalls the other day! I was on the search for ankle boots (cause ya know, fall) and ended up finding these beauties tucked away in a dusty corner for only $16. Don't you just love when unexpected finds turn into stylish steals?

I also love how the nude shade blends with my skin tone well. A valuable lesson I've learned when it comes to nude heels is that not all nude shades are the same. Just like with lipstick, you have to pick the right shade that works specifically for your look. Seeing as nude heels/ boots are a major component to my wardrobe, this was a great lesson to pick up.

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This shoot was long overdue. This post in general was extremely overdue, and I apologize for the lag in updating this blog! Moving to a new state and getting life situated again can be a bit crazy, and for a moment there I was way too caught up in it all to get any blog posts done. But one thing I've come to learn from not being able to do so was just how important it is to make time for the things you love. That's what keeps you grounded during all of life's twists and turns and that's what keeps your vibe alive. I'm now at a point where I know that even if I don't necessarily have the most time to blog, I need to make time for it. The same goes for a lot of other things that I care about, like getting enough exercise or taking the time to prepare a healthy meal for myself. My artistic outlet is a fundamental form of self care, something just as important as the physical. When that part of me is consistently nurtured, everything else just feels a bit more "right".

My interests and passions are linked to my identity, and when that connection started to get neglected, life started to get a bit confusing (as if your 20s aren't confusing enough!) That was a big wake-up call for me because I was genuinely a bit lost for a moment there.  Having that realization made clear just how important it is to find that right balance in my life. Our interests aren't random. We all have responsibilities, we all have the daily grind but we also all have passions that invigorate us more than we may think. I was surprised to find out just how connected I was to mine, and just how affected my life would be without it. So with that said, do more of what you makes you happy and keep that fire burning.